Meet Becky

Meet Becky Garber-Godi

I am like that “Aunt Martha” who has all the things you need when you have a party. I have rescued ‎vintage silver and table ware and collected trendy décor for a new life at special events. Unlike paper ‎and plastic, these items are as durable as they are stylish.‎

During‎ my career, I have planned and staged 100+ events including weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers, special industry events, birthday parties and backyard buffets.

There is nothing more fun than throwing a party. And like that Aunt Martha, I offer what you need to match your style and make your event an occasion to remember.

I remember thinking at our daughter’s wedding, at Ralson’s Crossing Event Center, that it ‎wouldn’t have been more beautiful at the Broadmoor. The venue plus Aunt Martha’s elegant ‎tables were everything I had imagined.

--Linda, Arvada CO

Aunt Martha’s Events staged my friends’ outdoor wedding for about 50 people. This was no ‎backyard BBQ--but a first class wedding and brunch that was beautiful down to every detail. ‎

‎ --Joanie, Broomfield CO